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Could you be eating bugs in your next meal?

The pasta is made from a blend of wheat flour and 20% cricket flour and can be consumed by everyone, however those with shellfish allergies and the very young should take caution as crickets have similar properties as crustaceans. Crickets are 65% protein and contain a lot of calcium, Omega fatty acids, Vitamin B12, and Iron. Cricket pasta is a healthier version of traditional pasta with less carbs and twice as much protien.

People Parent this Way? Really?!

Toddlers and babies are gross, and cute.

How to make real good ice-cream

Summer is on it’s way so why not enjoy a handmade ice-cream. Follow this recipe for the best cholcolate ice-cream we have ever made.

5 Weaning Recipe Ideas to Introduce Your Baby to Their First Solid Food

5 foods we are currently feeding our baby to help them get used to the smells and tastes of solid food.

4 cute things that babies and toddlers do that are actually disgusting

Toddlers and babies are gross, and cute.

7 Alternatives to the Traditional Christmas Roast

A selection of stocking gifts for under £10 that we think your children will love.

Should you let your kids play with guns?

When Laura wrote How Do You Feel About Your Children Playing With Toy Guns? I knew this was a topic I wanted to weigh in on. I’ve thought a lot about this since having a child, and with the shootings that are constantly in the news its hard to have a positive view of these weapons. Lets get some…

Memories: Leaf hunt and puddle jump — Autumn 2015

Bored and fool of a sunday roast, we decided to venture out and go for a walk. To keep the toddler entertained we decided to ‘hunt’ for leaves.

One simple change made night feeds so much easier

You all know the routine when feeding your baby at night? Baby begins to whimper and cry which wakes you up from your beautiful dreams.

Shut Up Mummy

What went through my mind when my two year old told me to “shut up”?

Tick Tock Organic Rooibos Green Tea

I've tried all sorts of teas and herbal infusions, most of which smell wonderful but quite frankly taste like sweetnened hot water. Yuck! When I was given a sample of Tick Tock's rooibos green tea I was dubious and though it was going to have the same bitter taste that normal green tea has.

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