4 cute things that babies and toddlers do that are actually disgusting

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Toddlers and babies are gross, and cute.

  1. Farting. Gross when adults do it, funny when toddlers do it, cute when babies do it! My 2 year old loves "Ben and Holly" from cbeebies, more specifically, he likes Ben. “I'm an elf *trumpet sound*” So, obviously he will copy that with “I'm an elf *fart*” Quite amusing!

  2. Sucking on noses. Gross right, that would be pretty weird if I started sucking my husbands nose, but when the baby does it, it's kind of cute and funny.

  3. Sucking their toes. I would be impressed and grossed out if adults were lying on their backs, bringing their feet to their mouths and started sucking and biting their toes. That takes some flexibility, but babies do that, and it's cute, those tiny little squiggles.

  4. running around naked. It would be frowned upon if adults ripped their trousers and underwear off and just ran around naked, but when toddlers do it (obviously in the privacy of your own home) it's funny and cute, those little bottoms jiggling as they run. Adorable. As long as they don't wee or poo anywhere!

To make this post even more fun we've linked up with the wonderful Parenting in Pyjamas you can see what disgusting things they came up with over on thier blog.

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