7 Alternatives to the Traditional Christmas Roast

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Ah it's that time of year when we start to prepare for the festive season. Once the Christmas shopping is out of the way it's on to planning the big day itself.

Most people will follow tradition and grab the biggest frozen turkey they carry and then over the course of Christmas morning, cook the sodding thing until it's dry and tasteless. Perfect Christmas dinner.

But since you're still reading, I know you are the more adventurous kind and shun the traditions of the mass populous to create your own traditions. You had decided to have goose this year and last year you had pheasant.

But there is still time to change your mind. You could have something so vastly different your friend, family and more importantly dinner guests will consider you avant-garde, a culinary genius.

I found all these exotic meats at Kezie, but other suppliers of exotic meats are available. Why don't you check out their full list of Exotic meats or even thier excellent range of normal boring meat.

For readers of Everything The Kid, Kezie has given you a 10% discount when you use code ETK at checkout. We get a small discount for every purchase you make too. Then we can all try new and exotic meats together.


What better way to celebrate an alternative Christmas than eating one of Father Christmas' old reindeer. After all, he gets a new set every year and the old ones are retired due to exhaustion.

Reindeer is a dark coloured, slightly gamey flavoured meat similar to venison.

If a whole roast is too expensive for you or you're not feeling brave enough to commit your entire Christmas dinner to some thing new, you could always try a couple of haunch steaks or burgers.

Reindeer Haunch Roast
Price: £34.82



Who doesn’t love a burger? If you serve burgers at the British Christmas table, your guests are just going to think you’re lazy or work at Iceland.

However if you serve up these nutty insect treats, you’re guaranteed have your guests talking. Buffaloworm Burgers
Price: £4.68


Wild Boar

Wild boar is very similar to pork in a lot of ways. It takes on the flavour of the things that it eats, and with a diet similar to our own it it tastes nutty and sweet. At £15 per KG, it’s probably cheaper than eating human and less likely to get you in trouble with the authorities.

Wild Boar Haunch Roast Wrapped in Pancetta
Price: £15.00

Wild Boar


Buffalo, not as exotic as you'd think. If you're scared to try any of the exotic meats on this list you could do worse than to try buffalo first as its very similar to beef except lower in fat and rich in omega 3.

When your guests are congratulating you on the succulent meaty roast beef you've prepared them, you can casually correct them, In my best luvvie voice “It’s buffalo, darlings!”

Buffalo Striploin Fillet
Price: £6.28

Buffalo Rump Roast
Price: £21.90



Surprisingly popular in Africa, but not something Mariandi or I have tried yet.

A tender and succulent meat, but it's important not to over cook it so perhaps not one if you’re the kind of person who likes your cow steaks cooked to charcoal.

Zebra at the British Christmas dinner is certainly going to cause a stir since it's not an animal we’re particularly familiar with. In fact, I don’t even know what noise it makes! F**k it, lets eat it anyway.

I definitely have a couple of Zebra Fillet Steaks on my wish-list.

Zebra Fillet Steak
Price: £13.70

Zebra Haunch Roast
Price: £37.40



Alpacas are a cousin of the llama, smaller and way cuter. Alpaca is considered one of the healthiest meats, with a rich food history dating back to before the Incans and remains a South American delicacy.

It’s best to cook Alpaca with vegetables and stock as it will absorb the flavour and leave you with a succulent meat.

By far the most expensive meat on the list, but the most healthy with low fat and a mild almost sweet flavour.

Alpaca Haunch Steak
Price: £12.04

Alpaca Rump Roast
Price: £41.50



“WTF is Mouflon!?” I hear you cry. Mouflon is a Wild Sheep with massive horns. Not only the males have horns some of the females have horns too!

Obviously, since our weak ass sheep originated from these wild sheep, the taste is similar to lamb or mutton, with a more gamey taste. Very lean meat and a great substitute for lamb.

Like the Buffalo is to beef, you can pretty much treat this as lamb. Yor guests will be coloured impressed with your grasp of this very European sounding name adding a little flare to the occasion.

Mouflon Haunch Steak
Price: £3.70

Mouflon Haunch Roast
Price: £12.89


All prices are correct at the time of writing.

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