Memories: Leaf hunt and puddle jump — Autumn 2015

Stay at home mum of two gorgeous little boys aged 0 months 25 days and 4 years old, wife to Rob. Proud to be South African

Bored and fool of a sunday roast, we decided to venture out and go for a walk. To keep the toddler entertained we decided to ‘hunt’ for leaves.

The rules were simple, find the biggest or most colourful leaves so that we can make a picture later on.

Leaves Leaves

Obviously as soon as he saw the local park we had to stop for a play. I think because it was a different park to the one we usually go to he enjoyed it a lot more than usual.

Leaves Leaves

Since it had been raining quite frankly was still drizzling, we allowed the toddler to jump into any puddles he could find.


Leaves Leaves Leaves Leaves

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