Could you be eating bugs in your next meal?

Rob is father of 2 boys and husband to Mariandi. Avid tea drinker.

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Bugsolutely Cricket pasta

I never thought I would ever eat bugs. But being a house full of foodies, 2 of which just love to eat and don't care what it is, I felt compelled to try something that looks so ordinary but has health benefits up the wazoo.

Why in the western world would we want to eat bugs anyway? We have many other sources of food. over 20% of the world's population already eat bugs and for good reason, they are a source high in protein, easily sustainable, and there are 1000's of different edible insects each with unique flavours.

Now unless you're Cambodian and already eat tarantulas, the idea of eating insects might put you in a cold sweat.

That's where innovative company Bugsolutely steps in and normalises the western public perception of edible insects with Cricket Pasta.

The pasta is made from a blend of wheat flour and 20% cricket flour and can be consumed by everyone, however those with shellfish allergies and the very young should take caution as crickets have similar properties as crustaceans.

Crickets are 65% protein and contain a lot of calcium, Omega fatty acids, Vitamin B12, and Iron. Cricket pasta is a healthier version of traditional pasta with less carbs and twice as much protien.

My opinion

Before we started, only myself and Mariandi knew that this was no ordinary pasta.
The pasta was cooked as per the instructions on the packet.

Looking at Bugsolutely Cricket pasta you'd hardly notice that it was any different from it's wholewheat brothers, however under closer inspection you'll see darker flecks, which I presume is the cricket flour.

I expected it to taste bitter and a bit crunchy, I imagine all insects to taste a little bitter and crunchy, I suspect you do too. However upon tasting there was nothing egregious. In fact I didnt taste anything that made this pasta stand out.
To me that that has to be a win for Bugsolutely, they have created something that every day people can consume and leave their preconceptions of edible insects behind. Even the two boys enjoyed it.

For the second test, I cooked up a delicious summery pasta salad inspired by the similarities crickets have to crustaceans.

Find out more about Bugsolutely's Cricket Pasta

King prawn pasta salad

Stupidly I told D that this pasta contained bugs, and now dispite his love of creepy crawlies he refuses to eat it. Dumb Daddy.

So if you want a healthier, protien laden lower carb addition to your family's diet, check out Bugsoluely Cricket Pasta, it's pretty darn good.


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