Should you let your kids play with guns?

Rob is father of 2 boys and husband to Mariandi. Avid tea drinker.

When Laura wrote How Do You Feel About Your Children Playing With Toy Guns? I knew this was a topic I wanted to weigh in on.

I’ve thought a lot about this since having a child, and with the shootings that are constantly in the news its hard to have a positive view of these weapons.

Lets get something straight, like Laura explained in her post, children are just emulating the TV shows and movies they watch and shooting the bad guy is just what you do.

Guns can also be used for self defence, and in all of the TV our toddler watches, if there is a gun the gun is used to defend some other character.

We’re fortunate to live in a country where guns are tightly restricted by law and that the UK has one of the lowest gun homicide rates in the world.1 This means that statistically I have far less to worry about than say, our friends in the USA.

I know for a fact that I played with “guns” when I was younger. My siblings and I would happily run arround the garden shooting at each other in a game of laser tag, or make elastic band Lego guns. But what I don’t recall is every playing with a realistic looking gun toy.

And this is the crux of my stance, “guns” are okay, as long as they dont look real and used in an agressive manner.

Its a flexible rule.

Are Nerf guns okay? Hell yes, im looking forward to the day my boys can run around the house or garden shooting the soft foam darts at each other.

Is paintball okay? Yes. It hurts like hell, but its a good laugh. The guns don’t look like real guns.

Is airsoft okay? No. Sadly they decided to make the guns look like actual guns and the attitudes of the people who play seem to be a little but more militant.

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