Shut Up Mummy

Stay at home mum of two gorgeous little boys aged 0 months 25 days and 4 years old, wife to Rob. Proud to be South African

Cheeky boy

What went through my mind when my two year old told me to “shut up”?

First of all, when did my sweet little boy turn into a teenager?! You are two years old, you don’t tell me to shut up, little buddy. It shocked me, I was a little hurt too, but it made me take a step back and think about my own words and actions in front of him.

Maybe I get annoyed and irritated too quickly when he is whinging and the baby is crying, I sometimes yell, sometimes I say shut up! Children only know what you teach them, they follow your example. Whoops.

I need to try harder, be a better parent, a calmer parent. Maybe my therapy will set me straight and help me deal with all my emotions and getting rid of them in a healthy and positive way. For now though, I am doing what I can, trying to stop and think before I say something in front of my toddler. Especially curse words like “shit”. Yes, he has repeated that too.

It's a real struggle when mummy is a potty mouth.

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